Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Transrelocation Podcast with Ian Clayton

What is Transrelocation, and is Transrelocation real? Ian Clayton talks about Transrelocation in detail with this new podcast, and the reason why God wants us as believers to experience this.

Most Christians would probably label Trans-relocation as New Age or Witchcraft, but Jesus did it and so did multiple people in the bible.

This will fry your mind and launch your spirit into great adventures! Recorded at the Courts and Government conference in Cardiff with COBH this is a life changing message! Ian shares about his adventures being moved around the Earth in the Spirit to help people and see world events.

Listen to this New Transrelocation Podcast with Ian Clayton now!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Courts and Governments of Heaven - Ian Clayton

This particular teaching by Ian Clayton, totally transformed the way I saw the world, heaven, God, and my purpose as a Son of God. I finally knew what it meant "On Earth, as it is in Heaven" - Matt 6:10.

When I first came across Ian's teachings, I looked every where for more teaching after I exhausted all of the YouTube videos I could fine.

Being a self proclaimed "Expert Googler", I was amazed at how little I could find about Ian, Son of Thunder, and his resources. I spent literally HOURS trying to find more of his teachings on the Internet, and I did find some. (Not much, but some...)

So I want to share a series of post with the free resources and teachings I found, that will save you hours of time that you could be using building your relationship with God.

I eventually did break down, and ordered several series through the Son of Thunder's Resource page, but one of the biggest life changing series actually came from this free set of podcast from Company of Burning Hearts Courts & Government of Heaven School that took place in Cardiff, Wales.

Here's a quick overview of the subject of the Courts of Heaven from a quick YouTube interview of Ian, but follow the links below to the 7 session teaching. Don't forget to share this page if you found it useful!

Ian Clayton Free Download - Gateways of the Threefold Nature of Man

Here's a free copy of Ian Clayton's "Gateways of the Threefold Nature of Man". Ian talks about this a LOT in his teachings as a must have, foundational revelation that started him on his journey into entering into the Kingdom of God.
"As a young Christian, I often wondered why I struggled with areas of my life. After deliverance, I would find freedom for a time, but I would find, suddenly, one day, all the old garbage was back in my life, and there very strongly.

This began a journey of discovery that has brought a clearer understanding of how we are supposed to function as Christians with Christ at the Center of our Being.

These are some of the keys that I have found that will enable you to be able to maintain freedom and liberty and express the Kingdom of Heaven through you to the world around you." - Ian Clayton

Understanding The Bible - Form vs. Function - Ian Clayton

"If God set about forming a culture that would bare and carry a shadow of what he looked like, then it becomes important for us to understand the shadow of what God is talking about. Why he cultured a people that would think in a specific way..." Ian Clayton

One of the first things that I did when I started to really dive into some of the teachings of Ian Clayton, is do what almost all people in the world do for information nowadays...

Go to YouTube.

Who Is Ian Clayton, and Why an Ian Clayton Blog?

Ian Clayton - Son of Thunder
Ian Clayton - Company of Burning Hearts
Ok, so some may ask "Why and Ian Clayton Blog?"

And here's my response...

It's important that I clearly state my heart behind this venture. I'm not trying to create a "shrine" or build an "alter" to a man. That's not my intention, and if that was the case I bet Ian himself would say "Dude! What are you doing???"

God has me personally on a journey, diving into the realities of his kingdom, and more importantly calling me on a deeper journey into a relationship with him.

I am creating a series of blogs, and blog post detailing my journey to know God better, and I wanted to share my experiences, revelations, struggles, and insights with you.